Friday, May 13, 2011

Visiting With Grandma Part 2

Another wonderful perk to having my mom come and visit (aside from the large amounts of cooking I don't have to do) is that she is so helpful with those things that I love to do but have no energy to accomplish while knocked up. This year I wasn't planning on doing a garden because the thought of planting it made me want to take a nap. She was kind enough to bring us a few larger containers so we can continue our love of growing without all the digging in the ground. We planted green beans, cucumbers and tomatoes....well, Hunter and Grandma did all the planting. I watched from the cool, air conditioned house and sipped on some ice water.

I also love that after all the hard work, she still had the energy to go shopping with me. I miss having the time to go out, without the kids, take my time trying on shoes and clothes with no one yelling at me. It's been too long since I've had the luxury of having a grown up help me with sizes and give me opinions. Even though she rolled her eyes at me as I lingered over the jewelry, she at least didn't throw a tantrum and complained loudly that she was bored. I had such a good time with my mom and I can't wait to see her again when this child is born.


pennylutz said...

I love it that you are blogging again!! I have the cutest nephews ever!

Sara Lyn said...

Great looking dirt! Hope your garden has come up well.