Friday, May 13, 2011

Visiting With Grandma Part 2

Another wonderful perk to having my mom come and visit (aside from the large amounts of cooking I don't have to do) is that she is so helpful with those things that I love to do but have no energy to accomplish while knocked up. This year I wasn't planning on doing a garden because the thought of planting it made me want to take a nap. She was kind enough to bring us a few larger containers so we can continue our love of growing without all the digging in the ground. We planted green beans, cucumbers and tomatoes....well, Hunter and Grandma did all the planting. I watched from the cool, air conditioned house and sipped on some ice water.

I also love that after all the hard work, she still had the energy to go shopping with me. I miss having the time to go out, without the kids, take my time trying on shoes and clothes with no one yelling at me. It's been too long since I've had the luxury of having a grown up help me with sizes and give me opinions. Even though she rolled her eyes at me as I lingered over the jewelry, she at least didn't throw a tantrum and complained loudly that she was bored. I had such a good time with my mom and I can't wait to see her again when this child is born.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Visiting With Grandma in the City

Recently my mom came to visit with us while attending a massage conference in the city. The first night we managed to stay up until 5am just chatting away. It was pretty tough to recover from so we spent the next few days pretty tired but had lots of fun anyway.
On one of the days she had to go to the conference, Hunter and I decided to take the train into the city to visit with her afterwards. He loves the train and everything about fast it goes, the fact that I bring great snacks, even swiping the card to make the gates open. We rode down to the Phillips Arena stop where we met my mom and took off for our adventure, just the three of us. We were hungry so we got some really yummy hot dogs off a cart and a frozen lemonade and spent a few hours at Centennial Olympic Park.

Hunter got to play on the playgrounds before hitting the splash area. There were several groups of children there with schools so he had lots of playmates. Once we hit the splash park to cool off, there was no stopping him....or my mom...from becoming totally soaked. I loved watching Mom and Hunter get each other super wet and being playful in the fountains.

When it was time to go home we walked back to the train station to go our different ways since we were parked at two different places. My mom whipped out her card and touched the side to the pad...and got a red X. She tried X again. Hunter being the delightfully helpful child that he is said "No Grandma, it's like this" and proceeds to lay the card down on the arrow!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Our First Emergency Room Visit

No, it's not for one of the children. My darling husband hurt himself. As far as young men go, Danny isn't what I'd consider very graceful. Being as tall as he is and as thin as he is, there is a certain clumsiness that comes with it. Well, it reared its ugly head this afternoon.
Danny was playing catch with a football in our backyard with a few neighbors of ours. As he was running for a pass (in jeans and no shoes), the poor man tripped over a depression in the yard, lost his footing and fell/ran into our swing set. Let's do the math....Danny 6'8" and 175lbs.....Swing set....8'4" and 800lbs. Guess who won that battle? Yep, the swing set didn't move but Danny's collarbone did. Like the real man that I married, he knew not to complain too bad and to tough it out to make sure he was really hurt before asking me to take him to the hospital. A few hours after the incident we were on our way to the emergency room. Due to the curious nature of our 4 year old, we called a sitter for the baby and took Hunter with us so he could see a hospital. He had been in one when I delivered his brother but a recovery room just isn't the same.
I was so impressed with the hospital near us. After the initial check in, we waited 5 minutes before they were calling us back. They checked Danny's blood pressure and the sweet nurse was so helpful after I explained what the band on Daddy's arm did. Hunter then informed her that his Daddy needed an X-ray with the machine to see his bones. I'm sure he heard me say it in passing to his father but the nurse was so impressed with our little man. We moved onto the next waiting area and I gave more detailed information while Danny got a pain pill and his X-ray. After being told it was just a bruise, I was relieved...until the doctor came back not 10 minutes later and told us that Danny's collarbone was indeed broken. We got him in a sling, got the name of an orthopedic surgeon and were on our way home in less than 45 minutes from when we walked through the doors of the hospital.
For having to go to an emergency room, it was a pretty pleasant experience, not that I'd ever want to live through that again but at least it's over with. Now lets hope my boys don't put me through worse over the next several years.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Expecting Again!

We are having another baby! Little bean is due on October 19th and we are so happy to be adding the final member to our little family.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Growing up too Fast

This morning I was woken up by the bus driver in our neighborhood poking her head through my front door and letting me know that my son had been chasing the bus because he needed to go to school and she was returning him. What is it about this kid that makes him think he can just leave the house! He was fully dressed, shoes and everything and carrying his back pack. Thankfully, the bus stop is right in front of our house so he didn't run far but after finally waking all the way up I was all kinds of freaked out. I sat him down and tried to have a talk with him about staying inside until I wake up. Then I got on the computer and started looking at schools in our area but the truth is, I don't want him to go to school yet. He's learning plenty at home and gets lots of interaction with other children so I will happily have him around until Kindergarten starts. Why oh why does he want to grow up so fast! I guess I really do have to buy those door alarms.
On a happier note, this morning was day 2 in a row that he didn't wear a pull-up to bed and didn't have an accident! We've sporadically forgotten his night time pants over the last few weeks and he hasn't wet the bed so I thought we'd give it a try and see how he does. I couldn't be more proud of this kid. He may not have started potty training until he was 3 but now that he's ready, he's going to go all the way with it. Go Hunter!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I Want to Have Christmas

I was woken up this morning with the sole request "I want to have Christmas Mommy!" What do you say to that? Especially in the middle of April? I had to explain to him that it only happens once a year and in the winter and since it was no longer cold, we had to wait. He nodded his head but I heard him muttering "Jingle Bells" under his breath while walking away from me.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

He's Here!

Welcome to the world Baby Grayson! Our sweet little man decided to come into our family on March 23rd at 3:37pm. I woke up at 7am feeling a little strange but not having contractions. By 10am I was sure that I was in labor and started making all of the arrangements for child care and packing the last few items in my bag while hanging out with Hunter the best I could to get those last few single child moments with him. I told my mom to get in the car and come on up because it was time. Danny finally woke up just after noon and made us lunch and loaded the car up. By 2pm, my contractions were 3 minutes apart so we hit the road and were on our way to the hospital. After a very intense trip in the car, we arrive at Northside at 2:30pm and began the check in process. I wasn't feeling too bad besides just having contractions so I was texting everyone and letting people know I was in the hospital. By then I was 1.5 minutes apart and feeling the baby move down. They didn't have a room ready for us right away (which completely freaked me out) but that only lasted a minute as we were whisked to our lovely birthing suite. Now, when I delivered Hunter the room was mediocre and I spent a solid day in labor in that room. With Grayson we got the most awesome room with a tub and lots of room to walk around. I got hooked up to the monitor and went through all of my check in questions and felt like everything was happening really fast. I asked the nurse to take a look and see how we were progressing and was devastated to hear that I was only 5 cm dialated at 3pm. By this time I was contracting every minute and really feeling the baby move down but at 5 cm, I knew we'd be there for a few more hours. Around 3:30 I got up to use the bathroom and to my surprise, my water broke! Let me tell ya, that feels awesome! What I wasn't expecting to feel was half of Grayson's head to come out. The nurse came in to help me after I pitifully told her about the water and the look on her face was priceless as she tried to get me back into bed because I didn't want to have my baby in the toilet. What? I was just 5 cm 30 minutes ago! I walked back into the room and began climbing into bed when another contraction hit and the rest of his head came out! The nurse started calmly pushing buttons and asking for help as she forcefully encouraged Danny to get me back into bed (I'm totally down playing all of this, it was a completely crazy few minutes). The rest of the available nursing staff rushed in as I got on my back and got prepared to have my son. Can you believe those insane (albeit lovely) women told me not to push? Yeah right! Once it starts, it's not going to stop, don't tell me little breaths and to wait for the doctor, someone catch! A few pushes and 6 minutes after my water had broken, Grayson was out and getting cleaned up while I sat there with a dazed look on my face asking if it was really over. After the marathon labor with Hunter, 7 hours was nothing and I didn't know what to do with myself. We both got cleaned up and I was transferred to my room while Gray had to visit the NICU to make sure he hadn't aspirated any meconium. I sent out the next rounds of text messages to let everyone know I had the baby and was sad to tell my mom that she hadn't made it in time. She was very happy I was able to get my birth over quickly as much as she wanted to be there but she showed up just in time for Grayson to be delivered to my room. He is a strong little man and nursed wonderfully and has the sweetest little cry. I'm so thankful to have him in my family.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thank You for the Spoiling!

This past weekend I got to have my first baby shower! Since I was pregnant with Hunter during my engagement/early marriage and didn't have any married or mommy friends yet, I didn't have a baby shower. My awesome friends at the time threw me a baby/wedding shower but its just not the same, you know? This time my mom and sister and her kids came and threw me a big bash. I got to have a house full of women and children spoil me and wish all the best with my new little man. We got SO many diapers that were very needed and appreciated as well as wipes and cute little outfits. My aunt and cousin came from Pensacola and my friend Rachael flew in from New Jersey (well, she had 2 showers that day since another good friend of mine and I are due a week apart). I felt so honored and loved to have these people in my life!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Chasing the Train

Normally during this time of year, I don't go to the malls as a rule. They are crowded and hot and people are never in the holiday spirit. I did, however, make an exception this year since it's been freezing cold and I do need to get in some exercise. So, as we shopped for Christmas presents in a half-hearted way at the Towne Center Mall, I stopped at Victoria's Secret to get some new pajamas. Hunter decided to be a big helper and carried my bag out of the store. I think he was more relieved to go than anything and was willing to haul the bag nearly his size just to get out of the there.

As we left the store and rounded the corner, hearing quiet comments about how I'm training him up early to carry bags, the train went by. Now, they don't have a little train that rides on a track and goes in circles, it's a real conductor driven train that goes all over the mall. Hunter took one look at this thing and took off after it, running as fast as he could carrying my shopping bag with me toddling behind him with all of the rest of our stuff. After about 20 yards of hard running, he stopped and looked at me, put the bag down and took off at full speed again. I managed to scoop it up and increased my stride to keep up with me.

He ran more than half the length of the mall chasing this train and insisted we take a ride once we got there. I totally caved and climbed into the first empty car with him. After speed walking across the mall, carrying heavy bags and coats, I deserved a chance to sit down and relax for a few minutes. Hunter was so pleased to wave out at everyone as we rode around and promptly threw a tantrum when I wouldn't shell another $6 for a ride. Good behavior can't last forever but the picture of the giant smile he gave me while we took our ride will. Too bad I can't get the pics from my phone onto the computer.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Practice Makes Perfect

I'm so thankful that I can take my son to work with me. It exposes him to all kinds of children and adults and puts him in all kinds of different situations. Recently we watched 2 little girls, they were sweet and bright and adorable. One was pretty close to his age and the other was a newly walking baby. Since I have to use the bathroom a thousand times a day now, I put the baby into a pack-n-play for my trips. It was sad to hear this little girl cry every time I put her in the pen so I asked Hunter to sing her a song. I returned to him singing her the ABC's and telling her it's ok. Awwwwww! He's going to be a great big brother and I'm really looking forward to seeing him in action. I'm just as excited about the idea of not being pregnant anymore but hearing his sweet voice attempt to be soothing to a little girl makes my heart warm and my eyes tear up.